New Year’s Resolution

Or how to bake your way out of a quarter life crisis (who’s joining me?)

I have challenged myself:  This year I’ll be doing a baking challenge. Each and every week I’ll bake something different, take a picture of it and post it right here. Why? Because I want to force myself to spend more time with what I love to do rather than what I have to do, keep the rest of life from interfering and make hand moisturizer redundant. (I am telling you, butter is the best moisturizer ever!)

Two weeks of baking have already passed and four different bakes arouse from it.

The first week I baked Blondies (white Brownies). I’m afraid I can’t give any recipes for those, because I improvised and I’m actually not too happy with the results (even though my way to friendly judges seemed to have liked them)

White Chocolate-Lemon-Macadamia Blondies


White Chocolate-Pistachio-Cranberry Blondies


Yesterday I baked wonderful cookies. I really love making them because they can easily be stored and you can give them away as little presents.

I made a batch of wonderfully moist and soft Better-than-Brownies-Cookies:


The recipe can be found here:

Just a little tip: let the dough rest for a while before you scoop it onto your baking tray in order to let it firm up a bit.

I also made those awesome and very classic New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies. Those are first class American cookies…just how you would imagine them to be.


The recipe can be found here:

A little tip again: You can make them with flour type 1050 or even whole grain flour and with only raw cane sugar/ whole cane sugar. They will turn out a bit more full-bodied. ;)

I hope my judges will like them.


One thought on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. they look lovely, all of them. wish i could have a taste…^^
    good luck with your challenge – i shall check your progress weekly. so keep it up :)

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