Macaron Magic

ImageThis week I felt French, somehow, and therefore I put some French music on and baked macarons. The thing is, macarons aren’t that easy to make, as it turned out.

There are many different recipes, each with its own strange and seemingly superstitious practices. I am not going to lie, I felt pretty stupid following that kitchen hocus-pocus. But after the first macarons I made (following a simple recipe) turned out horribly, I started believing in French macaron magic.

ImageFor the second round of baking, I chose the recipe of macaron-grand-master Pierre Hermé and they were just perfect. I will never use any other recipe ever again….even though it is really complicated.


The recipe for the macaron shells:

>>First of all you need to separate the egg whites several days in advance and refrigerate During that time the egg whites lose their elasticity.<<

150g ground almonds (skinless)

150g icing sugar (Puderzucker)

55g “liquefied” egg whites

150g caster sugar (Kristallzucker)


55g “liquefied” egg whites

Food coloring (paste or powder)

  1. Put the almonds and the icing sugar in a blender and ground until you have a fine powder. Sift the mixture into a bowl.
  2. Mix 55g egg whites with food coloring of your choice and pour over the almond-sugar powder. Don’t mix!
  3. Put 55g egg whites into a mixing bowl
  4. Put the caster sugar into a small sauce pan and pour water inside until the sugar is slightly covered (approx. 50ml). Heat the sugar water until it reaches 115°C. Start mixing the egg whites until the sugar syrup reaches 118°C. Once the sugar syrup is hot enough, pour it slowly into the egg whites while mixing them. Be careful, otherwise you’ll get solid bonbons within your egg whites, or you’ll make scrambled eggs. Let it mix and thereby cool down until you can touch it and it does not feel hot anymore (about 50°C)
  5. Fold the fluffy egg whites into the almond-mixture. Don’t be shy, the egg whites are fairly stable.
  6. Spoon the mixture into a piping bag and pipe rounds onto lined baking trays (I use a template underneath my baking paper
  7. Let the baking tray fall from a low height so that any air bubbles inside the macarons can pop. Let the macarons sit for at least 30 mins. They will form a skin and stop being sticky.
  8. Preheat the fan oven to 180°C then bake them for 10-12 min. Quickly Open and shut  the oven after 5min and again after 8 min.
  9. Let the macaron shells cool.

You can fill them with jams, marmalade, ganache, curds, caramel, etc.

 I chose passion fruit curd and salted caramel as fillings

Passion fruit Curd:

60g passion fruit (without seeds)

55g sugar

1 egg

1 tsp corn starch (Stärke)

90g butter

Put the passion fruit and the sugar into a sauce pan and bring everything to a boil. Mix the egg and the starch in a bowl. Pour the boiling fruit sugar mixture over the egg mix while stirring. Put everything back into the sauce pan and boil again until thickened. Let everything cool for 10 mins. Then mix in the butter and refrigerate for several hours.

 Salted Caramel:

The recipe for the caramel can be found here

Before serving, you should refrigerate them for 24 hours.

Even though they are a lot or work, I still recommend making them. They look very cute and are really delicious :)


5 thoughts on “Macaron Magic

  1. Wow, they sure look delicious!
    I remember my first time making macarons – and I didn’t separate the egg whites several days in advance. Does it really make such a difference?

    P.S.: Salted caramel is my favourite!

    • Thanks Jonny :)
      I am afraid I can’t answer your question. I would have to try making the same recipe with fresh egg whites…but that would be almost blasphemous and I am really scared of messing with the macaron gods :O

  2. Nice!
    This is where I would ask you a terribly knowledgeable question about amounts of sugar or, I don’t know, egg whites, but I simply have neither the ability nor patience to make these myself. I’ll let you do the baking and look at the pictures, which I enjoy almost as much as actually tasting the real thing.
    The macarons look fantastic, as always.
    Hello to your French reviewer, moeke, and Jonny :)
    Until next week!

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