Mom’s Birthday Cake

ImageToday was my mother’s birthday (yay!)….so naturally I made a cake for her. Because we are currently having wonderful weather, I decided on something fruity. It’s a sponge cake with a layer of strawberry, a layer of German vanilla buttercream (made with custard) and fresh strawberries and one layer chocolate ganache. It is covered in blue buttercream (again, the one with the custard)… here I aimed for an ombré effect. The roses on the top are real…I definitely had no time to make them from sugar paste….writing papers for university is just killing me right now. That’s also the reason why I did not include a recipe this week….sorry :/

I hope you like it & Happy Birthday, Mutti. 


5 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday Cake

  1. brilliant! love the colours. and because i’m such a selfless friend, i volunteer to try three of your creations this June ;)

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