Mother’s Day

ImageI am really not a big fan of Mother’s day…I don’t like the history behind it. My friend Wikipedia tells me that even the inventors (some Methodist ladies) regretted inventing it because of its commercialization. Here in Germany, it was promoted by flower shops….I always thought that was just a stupid rumor. Adding to that, there is this uncanny relation of Mother’s day and third Reich propaganda… who would want to celebrate something with such connotations?

I mean, everyone should be respected and appreciated anyway….right?

But there is this societal pressure. The ads tell us that if you love your mother, you have to buy her chocolates or flowers. And to be honest, if you decide not to, even if it is justified with the most rational arguments, you probably hurt your mother, because everyone else will celebrate Mother’s day (it’s like being against Valentine’s day and secretly being jealous of people covered in rose petals).

To cut a long story short, I will bake something for Mother’s day because I want my mother to be happy. And so should you… but no pressure ;)

Here’s my suggestion for a delicious Mother’s day coffee:

Strawberry Mousse Charlotte

For a 24cm backing tin or a dome

Sponge cake:

8 eggs
150g sugar
50g melted Butter
150g flour
+ vanilla
+strawberry jam
First, separate the egg whites and yolks.
Put the egg yolks, some vanilla and 50g of sugar into a large bowl and mix it until it is thick and fluffy. This takes some time, so don’t rush it.
In the meantime you can melt the butter and set it aside.
Preheat the fan oven to 180°C.
Once the egg yolks are ready, mix the egg whites with 100g of sugar and a pinch of salt until they are stiff.
Now, add the butter to the egg yolks (first, add some egg yolks to the butter in order to lighten up the butter, then add the mixture to the remaining egg yolks)
Carefully fold in the egg whites. When they are just combined, sift and fold in the flour.
Evenly spread the batter over two lined baking trays and bake them until they are golden (10-15mins).
Turn the finished sponges around, so you can remove the baking paper. Turn them again, so the golden side is facing you. Spread the strawberry jam on the sponges and roll them up. Wrap them tightly into cling foil and let them rest for some time so they stay in shape.
Once they are completely cooled, cut them into 0,5 cm thick discs.
First, line a round bowl with cling foil, then with the sponge cake discs (you need some of the discs for covering the mousse later). Try to really put them as close together as possible so the mousse will not leak.

Strawberry Mousse     
300g strawberry puree
200g yoghurt
8 leaves gelatin
140g egg whites (4-5 eggs)
100g sugar
pinch of salt
200g whipped cream
+ strawberry chunks
First, soak the gelatin in cold water and set it aside.
Blend the strawberries and mix them with the yoghurt in a large bowl.
Whip the cream and store it in the fridge.
Beat the egg whites, the sugar and the salt until they’re stiff.
Gently squeeze the gelatin and melt it in a small pan on low heat. Quickly add the gelatin to the strawberry puree. First, fold in the whipped cream, then the stiff egg whites.
Fill the mousse into the sponge lined bowl, add some strawberry pieces and cover the mousse with the left over sponge discs.
Store everything in the fridge for several hours (best overnight).
Turn the bowl upside down, remove the cling foil and decorate the dome. I used some flowers from the garden (make sure they are not poisonous).
I made the Charlotte for my step aunt’s birthday but I think it is a great recipe for a mother’s day. I Promise it seems more complicated than it actually is.

So, have a nice weekend and a delicious mother’s day.
PS: What I am making for my mother will be posted next week :)


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. omnomnom… it looks grand!
    people would pay so much money for this.
    my mum didn’t even get a card this year because over here, mother’s day was in March and I stupidly told myself I would send her one in May. of course I forgot all about it.

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