My Personal Bake-Off



The desserts from my father’s birthday: (From left to right): Pistacchio and raspberry tartlets – Passion fruit and yoghurt delice – chocolate and strawberry cake –  croquembouche – peach and thyme tartlets – mocha millefeuille


Being known for baking really is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I really enjoy baking and it is great to never have to worry about presents because you can always bring a cake. On the other hand, people are expecting you to bring dessert and that kind of puts pressure on me….and god forbid the cake is not great. Two weeks ago, I made dessert cakes for my father’s birthday, which is really great because he is the kind of man it is impossible to buy presents for. Anyhow, and I assume this was meant to be flattering, but as I walked in, people greeted me with phrases like: “finally, dessert is coming.” Ehm…yeah well… nice to see you, too…In addition, I have the feeling people stopped talking to me about anything else but cake…I mean really, I like cake, but it is not my raison d’être.
Enough nagging about people who like dessert (I probably should not write when my mood is on wrong side of color palette)…I mean what would I be without them? Pretty wasteful, I would say ;)



4 thoughts on “My Personal Bake-Off

  1. We love you – come cake or come none.

    Having said this, I wish to add that all the cakes were fabulous. My favourites were Pistacchio and raspberry tartlets and peach and thyme tartlets. Thank you, dear Candy-Sweet.

  2. hola querida,
    quelle belle présentation et choix attrayante pour ton pére..

    ça me plaît beaucoup et mon marie aussiiiii

    besitos bises küsschen mudemoe

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