Flower Pots

ImageOver a week has passed and I still have to deliver on my promise to post what I have baked for Mother’s Day (as I was kindly reminded yesterday).

Since it is spring, almost summer actually, I made something fitting. This time of year I spend my spare time not only baking but also with my hands in soil (I must admit, baking and digging in dirt is not the most appetizing combination ;D). I am lucky enough to have a small garden and I really enjoy seeing the plants grow. Especially the ones I can harvest.

For my Mother’s Day baking session I combined both and made cute little flower pots filled with chocolate- and cheesecake. They look very realistic since I used clay pots and real flowers. Very ambitious people could make the pot and the flower from fondant…I think they are adorable enough the way I made them, though. :D

I served them with freshly made berry compote to add a little fruity tanginess.

For 3 pots of 9cm diameter you’ll need:

Chocolate Cake
30 g butter
80 g dark chocolate
200 g flour
100 g sugar
2 TL baking powder
1 vanilla sugar
4 tblsp. cocoa
200 ml milk
2 eggs

+ 50g dark chocolate (chopped)

Cheesecake Filling
250g cream cheese (or Quark)
30g sugar
1 egg
pinch of salt

First water the clay pots for 30 mins.
In the meantime melt 80g of chocolate and the butter. While the chocolate is melting, prepare the cheesecake filling by whisking all ingredients together.
Preheat the fan oven to 180°C.
Put the milk and the eggs into a large bowl. While whisking, gradually add the slightly cooled chocolate butter mixture. Then add the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla sugar and cocoa).
Lastly add the chopped chocolate.
Now take the clay pot from the water and put a muffin paper inside (otherwise the cake will leak). First, pour in the chocolate batter, then cheesecake filling and end with chocolate batter. Do not overfill the pots (2/3 is enough).
Bake everything for about 45 mins.
Once the cakes are cooled, even the surface by cutting off some cake. Use the leftovers for the soil by blitzing them into fine crumbs. Cover the cake-tops in jam and add the crumbs (the jam makes the crumbs stick to the cake).
Decorate with real, crafted or bought plastic flowers. To prevent the flowers from touching the cake, I first inserted a piece of straw.
The cake tasted really nice and fooled everyone. You should try eating it in public and tell me about the reactions ;)





The Sisterhood of the Coffee Mug

My two best friends and IImage are having our twentieth anniversary this year (yes, this truly is unbelievably long). We met in elementary school and ever since fought our fights together. After seeing each other every day for thirteen years we now give our best to keep in touch over spatial and temporal distances. So far, our friendship survived because we are bound together by our past…and our love for a solid kaffeklatsch. Since one of those lovely ladies is in town at the moment, naturally, we went out having coffee (we can recommend http://www.strandcafe-frankfurt.de/…and not only for the charming waiter). In honor of my two favorite coffee-sippers and life-improvers I made tiny Mocha Cupcakes with a caramel filling and a Mascapone topping.

For one batch of mini Cupcakes:

  • 33g dark chocolate
  • 84g hot espresso                        
  • 42g butter, softened
  • 85g brown sugar
  • 1 eggs
  • 100g flour
  • 1/3 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/3 tsp. soda
  • 10g cocoa powder (unsweetened)

Preheat the fan oven to 180°C. Melt Chocolate together with the espresso. Beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add the egg. Let the melted chocolate mixture cool, then gradually add the dry ingredients and the melted chocolate to the butter sugar mixture. Spoon evenly among the lined mini cupcake pan. Bake for 8-10 min.

For the Filling:

Salted Caramel or any other caramel sauce. http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/homemade-salted-caramel-recipe/

For the Topping:

  • 250g Mascapone
  • 2-3 tbsp. icing sugar
  • 3-4 tbsp. Espresso, Kaluha or Baileys
  • Combine everything and beat until creamy

Combine everything and beat until creamy.

I put a chocolate covered espresso bean on top.

So far, all those who have tried these cupcakes told me they are delicious :)


~ With love from me to Moe & Tepu. Stay sive. ~

A Trial of Patience

ImageThis week I got inspired by the many layers of clothing I am wearing because of the indecisive weather outside (5°C, rainy, feet are freezing, rooms are overheated). So, I made a layered cake, a German Baumkuchen (trans. Tree cake). Everyone was like “Oh god, that’s too hard to make!” But it really isn’t. Everyone just thinks it is, because it is so traditional and every pastry chef has to make one in his master exam. Typically it is made on a rotating spit behind which open fire is burning. The batter is poured over the spit repeatedly so that layers are created. These are supposed to resemble growth rings, hence the name.

Here is a picture of the traditional baking process:

But, since I don’t have rotating spits and open fire, I baked the cake just layer by layer in my oven and suddenly it is a very easy cake to make…. If you are a patient person.  

For the Baumkuchen you will need:

6 Eggs

100g icing sugar

120g Caster Sugar

200g Butter (room temperature)

150g Marzipan (in pieces)

100g flour

1/3 Vanilla bean

Lemon zest of ½ Lemon

+ Apricot jam

+ 200g dark chocolate

  1. Line a 24cm baking tin and preheat the oven to 250°C
  2. Separate the eggs
  3. Beat the egg whites with some salt and the caster sugar until forming peaks
  4. Beat the butter, marzipan, icing sugar, vanilla and Lemon. Gradually add the egg yolks.
  5. Fold the egg whites and the flour into the butter mixture
  6. Spread 2-3 tbsp. of the batter into the tin
  7. Bake for 4 minutes. Then spread 2-3 tbsp. of batter onto the baked layer and bake again for 4 min. Repeat that procedure until there is no batter left.
  8. Let the cake cool.
  9. Let the apricot jam (about 100g) come to a boil. Then brush the cake with it.
  10. Once the cake is completely cooled cover it with chocolate.

I cut out small round cakes and painted a flowery embroidery pattern with white chocolate on top of them (obviously I am too patient).

The cake is really delicate and not hard to make. I mean, it takes some time to bake all the layers but if you skip the fussy painting part, and leave the cake in one piece, it’s done in under one hour (excluding cooling time). So, try it.