A delicious trip around the world

Because I don’t have time to travel around the world, even though I am a student at a university and people always tell me that this is the time to travel, I made a culinary trip instead. During the last weeks I did culinary continent hopping.

Mandeltofu_Final_2First stop was Asia (China, to be precise…a land I am familiar with….), a perfect non-threatening beginning for the trip. In my experience, Chinese love everything made of jelly. And, surprisingly, I ate the best strawberries ever back in Beijing. The dessert of choice is vegan almond milk tofu (杏仁豆腐)   

For this you’ll need:
300ml almond milk
3 tbsp. sugar
almond extract
½ tsp. agar agar

Cook everything for about three minutes. Afterwards pour the mixture into mold of your choice and let it cool for a few hours. I served it with fresh strawberries…yummy.

Pavlova_finalAfter Asia, I continued the journey to Australia. The famous Pavlova was invented here (or in New Zealand, they still argue about the origin). Pavlova is a great summer dessert as it is light, fruity and not too sweet (even though there is a lot of sugar in it).

You can use this recipe:
(but I did not add sugar to the cream)

NYCheesecake_final_01From Australia I traveled eastbound, to the US. After having been
to New York, only one dessert came to mind: New York Cheesecake. The most delicious and most caloric dessert ever.
I somehow always struggle with cheesecake.  The fat is always oozing out…not too dainty. With this recipe however, the oozing was minimal and the cake super luscious (of course it was, it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe after all ;) )

Empanadas_FinalAfter having stored the last bit of the US delicacy in my deep
freezer, I traveled on to South America. Never been there, not
too interested until now, but the empanadas with banana and
dulce de leche might just change my mind.

For the Empanadas you’ll need:
114 g butter
85g cream cheese
125g flour
2 EL sugar
dulce de leche (ready bought or made by cooking sweet condense milk)
2 very ripe bananas
cinnamon and sugar

Prepare the crust some days in advance at it has to rest in the fridge for several days. For the crust just knead everything until it just comes together. After a few days of chilling in the fridge, roll out the crust, cut it and fill it with mashed bananas and dulce de leche. They have to be baked at 190°C for 15-20 mins. When they are golden brown, remove them from the oven and roll them in cinnamon and sugar.
They really are a heartwarming treat on grey days.

Mhanncha_final_1The last stop after returning to Europe is Morocco. I love, love, love Oriental spices, so the choice for the African continent was easy.
I made this cake as a barbeque dessert and everyone enjoyed it.
The Moroccan snake cake M’hanncha is spicy, extremely crunchy and delicately sweet. I served it with pistachio ice cream and fresh raspberries.
You can use this recipe but make sure to add spices like cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds, anise and nutmeg…and be easy on the rose water!: http://www.them-apples.co.uk/2012/03/mhanncha-or-the-moroccan-snake/

For good old Europe I decided on the French classic croquembouche … but this one you have already seen last time.
What baking project could I tackle next? I would love to hear some suggestions.